• Execute Modern Business -> ERP Cloud

    Guided transition to Modern Cloud

    Extend Cloud in PaaS – everything is not Oracle

    Rapid Implementation – Lower Cost, higher ROI

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  • Merging Oracle EBS and Business Process

    Business reengineered Oracle Solutions

    Simplified processes - faster ROI

    We do it right from the Start

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  • Oracle EBS Systems Integrator

    Integration of Front-end tools and 3rd Party products

    Process Automation, EDI, Simplified Data Mapping

    Connecting EBS to modern cloud and mobile technologies

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  • Staying Ahead in ERP Curve

    Quick Oracle EBS site revival methodologies

    We make Oracle EBS work for business

    Perform system audit and introduce transactional transparency, reconciliations and confidence

    Utilize IT Budget to stay ahead in the technology curve

    Gain complete buy in of Oracle EBS internally and externally

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ACSE Solutions has the experience and expertise of implementing Oracle Applications across business functions. Oracle EBS provides you with modules to meet all your business needs and each module has various functionalities and sub-functions. Correct planning and designing of Oracle Applications is critical for project success – you cannot just work in silos without understanding the interlinkages of various cross-modular functionalities, architectural integration framework and its accounting impact.

ACSE Solutions brings on the table its expertise in designing a holistic solution that meets the project goals and expectations of every stakeholder. ACSE will do it right from the start - we start the design at the ‘Nano’ level and cement it up to a complete integrated and concrete solution. Our experience across industries helps us design the Applications that is constructed to meet your business needs. You get your integrated design in the first built and move ahead with further enhancements reaping all the benefit as you go along with the partnership with ACSE Solutions.

At ACSE Solutions our consultants take a lead role in demonstrating and providing solutions. We utilize our rich experience in providing proven solutions rather than reinventing the wheel.

ACSE consultants take the responsibility upfront and drive the solutions to the logical conclusion satisfying all stakeholders. ACSE recognizes that every organization has ‘Organizational Assets’ and we encourage organizations to share it with us for better understanding and faster Consulting solution. We achieve the result in a time effective manner thereby adding value to the money spent.

We come to you with a fail proof solution design process. Our consulting does not start at the basic level. We employ ‘explosion’ technique to study organization at the most granular level. ACSE consulting approach starts at the organization level by senior consultants, departmental process study is done by our lead consultants with relevant expertise, departmental functions are exploded further and handed over to team members. Our approach is to identify and bring out each minute process of the organization and identify the activities inside it. Once this granularity is achieved we start cementing them upward to Oracle modules and functionalities thereby ensuring all your business functions have been taken care of.

At ACSE we provide professional services in the most professional way – all our resources are pre-screened and technically evaluated by our Directors to make sure that we provide quality, experienced and trained resource as per your site specific requirements. This reduces the need of multiple screening and evaluation at your end thereby optimizing deployment and saving time and money.

ACSE believes and encourages reengineering of business processes when organizations implements ERP solutions. This gives an opportunity to optimize and simplify business processes that have become complex over a period of time. This also provides an opportunity to deploy application functionality in the most effective manner as per the industry best business practices, resulting in shorter ROI.

Providing value for money

  • Faster Oracle EBS deployment lowering implementation cost

  • Concrete and stable design from the start - avoiding rework

  • Deployment of proven and reusable assets

  • Stable Oracle EBS deployment reducing support cost

  • Cost to Budget matching


  • Integrated and Focused Team

  • Solution recommendation and ownership

  • Proven and experience driven reusable solutions

  • Trained, Experienced and Motivated Team

  • Flexible and Unbeatable pricing to meet client budget