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ACSE project implementation starts right from planning for the infrastructure and co-ordination with the business. We make you ready for the implementation before the team arrives on the site. We start with providing you the training on our implementation approach, this ensures a total sync between you and ACSE implementation team

  • Project Team Build Up

    The first step towards a successful project is getting the right team. ACSE goes through the process of forming, storming and norming to get the right team build up in the first few weeks of the project itself. The team thus built is possessing the requisite skills and attitude and stays together till the project goes live.

    • Team built on teamwork is formed
    • Skill set mapping to requirement is complete
    • Early identification and replacement of resources
    • Team with the right attitude focused towards success.
  • Requirement Analysis

    Requirement analysis provides the pillars for the foundation for a successful project. Missed requirements leads to increased project cost and delay. ACSE employs the 'Explosion' technique to capture all requirements at the 'Nano' level. This gives the current state of all activities and processes in the organization from where the future process model is constructed.

    • Identification of all processes
    • Listing of all activities for a process
    • Business categorization of processes
    • Process Ownership identification
  • Solution Design

    This is the phase where your business shakes hand with Oracle. You capitalize on ACSE experience of deploying Oracle solutions that works for the business. ACSE believes in delivering solutions in which the business process and oracle functionalities are tuned both ways for easy acceptability, seamless deployment and faster ROI.

    • Deployment of best business processes
    • Process reengineering and simplification
    • Obsolete process elimination and cleanup
    • Integrated solution across business functions
    • Oracle works for business
  • Gap Analysis

    ACSE implementation methodology identifies and lists out all process, reporting and transactional gaps as a natural process. The list is identified early for a proper closure of all gaps. ACSE closes all gaps by one of the three processes

    • Simplify it outside of Oracle
    • Develop a workaround in Oracle
    • Develop an extension in Oracle
    • Gap identification
    • Process integration design
    • Identification of development activities
    • Gap solution design ownership
  • Application Configurations

    ACSE deploys its ready configuration templates as per the industry verticals. Client configuration data is filled up in the templates and the configurations are complete with all dependencies. The main objective is to consolidate the configuration of all modules for centralized maintenance.

    • Client specific configuration document ready
    • Configuration data compiled
    • Configuration dependencies identified and sequenced
  • Testing

    ACSE takes you through the complete testing cycles a step ahead with every test cycles. The test cycles are phased out for control and are result oriented. The test cycle starts with functional and technical testing, that culminates to a total integrated testing. The final execution and validation of the test cycle are done by the business users before moving towards production deployment

    • Business test scripts validation
    • Application custom extensions and development validation
    • End to end cycle transactional flow and data validations
    • Testing result validation with documented results
    • User acceptability and confidence
  • Data Migration Plan

    ACSE implementation methodology incorporates the data migration right from the start. ACSE comes with a ready data migration components and adds to it the site specific data migration objects. The data mappings sheets are distributed well ahead of time, and the collected data is analyzed by experiences consultants. The template and the data are locked down and their conversion are planned with timelines

    • Data Migration methodology developed
    • Identifying and establishing data items
    • Data Preparation and profiling
    • Data quality definition
    • Data Cleansing
    • Migration Strategy
    • Data Migration
  • Training

    With ACSE training not a project phase but a continuous activity that begins right from the start. We encourage business and key users to participate with us in each and every project phase, this ensures a complete training rather than cramming it up as a project phase. We employ a 'train the trainer' approach, so that the end users are trained by their own people thereby increasing the acceptability.

    • Continuous training ensures complete training
    • Training as a continuous learning process
    • End user acceptability
    • Promotes quick transition of end users to the product
    • High Acceptability of all stakeholders
  • Production Cutover

    ACSE delivers and executes a detailed cutover plan, minimizing any downtime or delivering a zero downtime for transitioning to Oracle. Production cutover activity identification starts early and gets refined at each stage of the project. Cutover tasks are sequenced and ownership assigned to be tracked till closure. It is a ‘one plan’ that includes business and project cutover activities for smooth transitioning.

    • Complete and consolidated cutover plan
    • Planned and minimal system shutdown time
    • Cutover completeness tracked to the owners
    • Complete visibility and transparency to entire project team
  • Go-Live and Post production support

    ACSE works 24X7 for getting the site live. We recommend post-production support in the initial plan itself for smooth transitioning. The post-production can be on-site, off-site or the best of both.

    • Controlled and successful go live
    • Support methodology developed and agreed upon
    • Support from experienced resources
    • Quick issue resolutions and turnaround
    • No statistics but Result

Providing value for money

  • Faster Oracle EBS deployment lowering implementation cost

  • Concrete and stable design from the start - avoiding rework

  • Deployment of proven and reusable assets

  • Stable Oracle EBS deployment reducing support cost

  • Cost to Budget matching


  • Integrated and Focused Team

  • Solution recommendation and ownership

  • Proven and experience driven reusable solutions

  • Trained, Experienced and Motivated Team

  • Flexible and Unbeatable pricing to meet client budget