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ACSE provides you the best path towards your transition and adoption to Oracle Cloud Solutions. Oracle Cloud solutions are becoming a reality as we move ahead. Enterprises both big and small are evaluating Cloud Solutions for their business and IT needs and are moving to cloud. In todays IT infrastructure and services are ever changing and it is difficult time consuming and costly to keep pace with the changes – added to this is the cost of obsolesce. Cloud solutions provides you with technology that is flexible, secure, reliable, scalable and available from anywhere, any device and at any time.

Cloud solutions confirm to the demand of having a modern system both internally and for external customers. The technology keeps pace with the ever changing IT sphere and provides the best experience for its users. Cloud solutions are intelligent and information driven, information comes to you in place of you going after information. It is socially networked, mobile and provides actionable insight that drives business collaboration with secure business processes that is managed by security professional 24x7.

  • Oracle Financials Cloud

    Oracle Fusion Financials provides you with a complete, automated and integrated real time financial data processing and visibility. It includes a broad suite of capabilities including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, expenses, collections and cash management as well as centralized accounting, tax, payment and intercompany engines. Fusion General Ledger comes embedded with multi-dimensional data model that provides drill-down, pivots, and unlimited hierarchies for comparison and roll ups. Self-monitoring alerts can be defined to manage exceptions for timely and accurate corrective action. It comes with embedded intelligence to guide business decisions. Fusion financial comes with inbuilt invoice imaging and data capture that provides end to end invoice processing without user intervention. It offers streamlined configuration templated for faster implementation path.

    • Multi-dimensional reporting platform
    • Role based dashboards
    • Real time and live data pushed for user action as per user defined thrust hold
    • Embedded transaction intelligence
    • Imaging integration for payables
    • Dashboard on mobile devices and spreadsheet integration
    • Comply with global accounting standards
    • Budgetary control and visibility on spending
    • Closing monitor for faster book closure
    • Streamlined governance, risk and compliance
    • External data integration with legacy and third party systems
  • Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud

    Oracle Project Portfolio Management provides a single source of truth enabling project driven companies for smarter and efficient decision making. It improves the performance of every member of a project organization right from project executives to team members. It provides a role based dashboard for real time information from a multi-dimensional data model. Design self-monitoring alerts for proactive monitoring of performance and better health check. Leverage the strength of an intuitive interface along with out of the box integration to Microsoft Projects. Fusion Project Costing allows you to manage cost quickly and easily, capture project time, cost and commitments across fusion applications and also from third party application. Fusion Project billing enables innovative customer contract management and revenue billing and collection. Fusion Resource Management enables optimum assignment and utilization of project team members. In all it is a total web and mobile device project management application.

    • End to end project management solution with single source of truth
    • Collaborative project planning and scheduling
    • Mobile access for project manager and team members
    • Trend and historical analysis of project performance indicators
    • Role based dashboard that pushes exceptions to the users
    • Optimize resource utilization and deployment
    • Improve project success and profitability
  • Oracle Procurement Cloud

    Oracle Procurement cloud offers users a lot of saving opportunities. It provides timely information on supplier performance, spending pattern and employee expenses. It provides a role based dashboard and analytics enabling information sharing and prioritized action to be taken as per the user defined alerts. It provides a user friendly interface to suppliers that enables suppliers to view their own transactions, and e-invoicing. This makes the transactions more accurate and reduces the workload. It enables the mapping of a complex organization structure in a simple design.

    • Centralized control with a decentralized structure
    • Role based dashboards for exception management
    • Smart and strategic sourcing
    • Timely information on supplier performance, spending and employee expense.
    • Enhanced workflow and change management capabilities
  • Oracle Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud

    Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub is available in cloud as an extended reporting and analytical tool against existing accounting information. It provides an option for implementing fusion financials in an evolutionary manner. Delivers an exceptional reporting platform using Oracle essbase. It enables a large quantity of data to be quickly accessible and analyzed from different perspective for immediate decision and support. The GL data gets automatically synchronized in the Accounting Hub, with a complete drill down to the source system. Self-monitoring account alerts and user defined exceptions can be defined for proactive information. Oracle E-Business Suite users get the benefits of powerful reporting and analytics with optional drilldown to the source transaction details.

    • Fast and simple cloud deployment, automatically creates the hierarchy and reports.
    • Financial data in an interactive environment
    • Multi-dimensional reporting capability
    • Centralized reporting center to deliver reports securely
    • Real time monitoring of account balances
    • Compatible with any mobile device
  • EPM Cloud Solutions

    Oracle EPM provides a complete planning, budgeting and forecasting solution along with enterprise performance reporting tool. It provides a multi-dimensional planning with a powerful business rule engine and workflow capabilities. It supports driver based planning to connect operational assumptions to financial outcomes. It supports hierarchical planning process that encompasses corporate finance and the line of business. It delivers a predictive budgeting engine that allows you to run advance simulations

    • Quick deployment with no internal IT or hardware requirement
    • Reduce planning and budgeting cycle by weeks
    • Improve forecast accuracy
    • Web user interface and Microsoft integration
    • Integrate planning and management reports seamlessly
  • Inventory and Cost Management Cloud

    Oracle Inventory and Cost Management cloud service offers a complete material management solution to manage flow of goods, inbound, within the warehouse and outbound. Oracle Cost management enables capturing the cost of the material as they move through the supply chain process. You can proactively manage warehouse operations where instead of you looking for transactions the transactions gets pushed to you on a dashboard based on the roles and responsibilities. Embedded analytics are provided to track the pending and potential problems. There is comprehensive material management where the material is tracked from receipt to consumption. Automate transaction between internal parties and provide a single solution for GAAP management and statutory cost reporting.

    • Centralized dashboard monitoring of warehouse
    • Drill down from dashboard to the source transaction
    • Business Intelligence dashboard for cost analysis
    • Reduction in inventory levels
    • Proactively manage inventory operations
    • Better insight into product cost and margins
  • Manufacturing Cloud

    Visually design the production process by combining item structure and routing into a single view. Create manufacturing operations and then drag and drop resources and components to complete the flow. Have a quick look on the work areas as to how the work centers are running and drill down to take corrective action, the operator is provided an easy to use tool to complete a job. Automate and have real time visibility on your contract manufacturing processes. With Oracle’s configure-to-order features, you can streamline configuration management and deploy an efficient build-or-purchase-to-customer-demand solution with the shortest possible fulfillment cycle times.

    • Reduction is cost of ownership and increased margin
    • Manage production process internal as well as contract manufacturing
    • Reduce inventory, reduce cost and increase on-time delivery
    • Optimize your end to end supply chain business flow
    • Embedded analytics
    • Advanced graphical tools and design
    • Social Collaboration
  • Procurement Cloud

    Get an unprecedented insight into business intelligence and process automation to change the fundamental way in which your procurement department works. Uncover saving opportunities, with timely understanding of spending patterns, employee spending and supplier compliance and performance-all these made available by state of the art analytics to pin point opportunities across organizations heterogeneous systems. Improve your compliance and contract terms by establishing a global standardized contract management process. Improve performance of your end user by providing a flexible and enhanced web interface. Keep on top of sourcing by providing an step by step guide and monitoring web enabled tool to your sourcing agents. Make use of self-service procurement and supplier portal for on line web enables and secure interaction internally with employees and externally with suppliers.

    • Uncover saving opportunities
    • Increased contract compliance and enforce agreements
    • Enhances supplier negotiation and streamlined process
    • Reduce training and maintenance cost
    • Supports centralized, decentralized or a hybrid procurement structure
    • BI Dashboards for users to manage exceptions and increase visibility
    • Self-service interface and supplier portal
    • Enhanced budgetary control and encumbrance accounting
  • Product Master Data Management Cloud

    Oracle Fusion Product Hub Cloud service provides best in class enterprise with product master data management system. Introduce new products, be in compliance and perform supply chain execution across enterprise. Enhanced product taxonomy and multiple alternate categorizations, you can localize product for a region or make it global. Receive data from suppliers through portal and develop a data mapping inside organization and with 3rd parties with a drag and drop interface. Establish business rules for data validation, rationalize and consolidate data and then maintain them with all the aspects of data attributes and validations as applicable in the organization. Enforce data governance by monitoring and enforcing the data standards. Establish role based data access and security, using a graphical rule dashboard. Always publish a complete and accurate data.

    • Self-service portal for suppliers, SOA based web service
    • Multiple file format for data onboarding
    • Real time data validation and feedback
    • Decreased time to market the product
    • Data enrichment, governance, sharing and regulatory compliance
    • Validation rules and data attributes standardization with controls
    • Data availability across organization with role based access and control
  • Order Management Cloud

    Oracle Order Management cloud applications enables organizations to effectively manage the complete order cycle from quote to cash process. It integrates with CPQ cloud, inventory and financials on the cloud. It comes with embedded analytics and dashboards with rule based exception management. Jeopardy alerts pro-actively informs the users of potential issues to take high quality corrective action. Define, implement and maintain your own fulfillment orchestration policies for faster deployment and low overall cost. Optimize order promising, view exceptions, drill into details, view alternate availability options and perform what-if simulations using embedded analytics.

    • Centralized and standardized order fulfillment process
    • Visibility from quote to cash process
    • Jeopardy alerts and calculations
    • Visibility across multiple fulfillment sources
    • Pre-defined rules to fix known problems
    • Always on 24 x 7 order promising
    • Pre-Integration with Oracle CPQ, Inventory, and financial cloud service
  • Supply Chain Planning Cloud

    Oracle plan to produce provides a comprehensive supply chain solution. It provides integration between planning, manufacturing and supply chain with embedded analytics. Respond to material and manufacturing challenges using planning central. Plan demand, inventory and supply both inside and outside the enterprise, monitor exceptions with advanced analytics and respond to supply chain challenges for order fulfillment and material shortages, by prioritizing and releasing recommendations to other SCM applications. Utilize graphical interface for business users which is designed to engage a broader range of stakeholders.

    • Reduce inventory and drive down cost
    • Improve on-time delivery
    • Reduce cost of ownership
    • Unified supply chain solution in the cloud
    • User configurable analytics to manage exceptions
    • Embedded social collaboration
  • Global HR

    Oracle Global HR is built for on premise or for cloud and is available on any device for simple user interface with secure information management systems. It delivers a seamless employee, person or contingent management system across the enterprise. The entire HR is based on a single person model that provides an integrated data across organization and enhanced reporting capabilities. The employment model supports a simple and complex global work relationships that can manage multiple legal employers, assignments and individual contracts. It supports global workforce management with address and name formats, language and currency support, time zone support, and visa management functionalities. It supports a flexible way of organization restructuring. It has built in extensibility and embedded HR intelligence for reporting and control.

    • Multiple work relationship support
    • Flexible organization modelling and restructuring
    • Single global person record
    • Best fit analysis for identifying qualified worker
    • Robust workflow engine
    • Role based Embedded business analytics
  • Talent Management

    Implement Fusion Talent Management base to integrate and synchronize your current HR systems with the cloud solution. Utilize performance management to provide managers with an insight to track performance with the goals, the goals can be for the individual or a team which can be tracked, goal can also be shared in social collaboration. Fusion career development enables identification of career opportunities and set career development plans. Fusion Talent Management and succession planning enables easy identification of talent that can be matched to the strategic initiative of the organization. You can mitigate talent related risk and develop a succession plan for your organization.

    • Leverages your existing HR install
    • Targeted performance management
    • Individual and team goal assignment and goal sharing
    • Interactive talent review dashboard
    • Automated process from start to finish
    • Harness power of social media for talent search and recruitment
    • Provides a comprehensive learning solution
  • Workforce Management

    Oracle workforce management provides you a global reach and visibility to the available resources. You can comply to all legal rules across countries with a centralized control. Global visibility makes available the best skill matching to the assignment. You can visualize current deployment and predict future workforce needs to proactively manage the workforce demands from the business. An integral part of this solution is having the right solution in place to track time, absences, and properly schedule your labor. Meet business objectives, capture time worked, absences and other labor data, track adherence to schedules and productivity, and adhere to labor laws and pay rules.

    • Schedule right people for the right job
    • Establish global governance by enforcing local laws, work patterns and holidays
    • Optimum workforce utilization
    • Centralized skill availability and resource availability
    • Reduced overhead resource management cost
    • Automated submission, review and approval of timecards
    • Easily accessible and enforceable organization policies
  • HCM for Midsize

    The growth and sustainability needs of a Mid Size company is similar to that of a larger enterprises but they have unique challenges to address their growth needs with the constraints they have in terms of stability, resources, business processes, customer retentions etc. Oracle HCM for mid-size is designed to address and supplement their growth needs. You can shorten your time to recruit the right talent at the right time by using automated Talent Onboarding solutions which gives access to modern tools and techniques and social networking to reduce the recruitment cost. Monitor performance to objective and match that to compensation to retain the performers and find training opportunities for others and retain you resources. Utilize reporting and analytics to gain workforce insight to all departments.

    • Single integrated and automated HR system
    • Automated onboarding of new hires
    • Ensure mandatory training for onboarding and performance
    • Improved cash flow monitoring
    • Reduces hiring cost
    • Retain the best talent
    • Ensure government compliance
  • Oracle Social Cloud

    With the growth of social networking it is needless to say that it is the technology of the future. Social Networking will be the place where most of the business engagement and business data will be exchanged. It will be a tool for targeted marketing and selling, it will be a tool for creating the platform for a company’s reputation and capability. The data available in the social network is a gold mine for maintaining customer relationship with your enterprise, marketing, and growth. Oracle Social comes with the below solutions to keep you ahead in the social world.

    • Social Relationship Management
    • Social Marketing
    • Social Engagement and Monitoring
    • Social Network
    • Social Data
    • CX and Enterprise integrated
    • Unified platform for greater listening of millions of messages exchanged
    • Tracking of topics and categorization
    • Track perceptions, sentiments across social media channels
    • Automatic routing and proactively engage in social conversation
    • Dashboard that provides data and analytics to make decisions
    • Deliver dynamic contents in social media including mobile devices
    • Reduce marketing cost and increase sales by targeted marketing
  • HCM Analytics

    HCM Analytics provides you an insight for Human Resource executives a cross source information, which can be historic, predictive and provide a comparative analysis to strategically manage company resources. You are informed about the skills available and skills wanting to keep the organization competitive in the marketplace. You get the indicators on your employee retention, compensation benchmark to market rate. Plan to hire analytics are provided to monitor your hiring and onboarding process. Furthermore OTBI Enterprise of HCM cloud service has been engineered to work with both Oracle Human Resources Cloud Service and Oracle Talent Cloud Service and is ready for out of the box deployment. OTBI Enterprise for HCM Cloud provides broad visibility to workforce and complete picture like – past performance and trending analysis, employee and department performance, and future predictive analysis.

    • Complete workforce visibility and insight across enterprise
    • Trend analysis for core HR
    • Predictive analysis for workforce to meet its goal
    • Analytics to support HR executives, Managers, and analyst
    • Integrated system presenting single source of truth in a dashboard
    • Compensation and skill retention analysis
  • ERP Analytics

    Oracle ERP Analytics is part of Oracle Business Intelligence applications that provide complete and real time information across the enterprise. It has ready to deploy dashboards designed for rapid deployment. The reports and dashboards are ready for deployment on the mobile devices – this keeps you yourself informed on the move. ERP Analytics has ready solutions for the following modules:

    • Financials
    • Human Resource
    • Procure and Spend
    • Projects
    • Faster deployment with lower risk
    • Ready to use dashboards
    • Seamless integration
    • Exalytics ready with no application changes
    • Easy integration and supports OLAP data sources
  • CRM Analytics

    Oracle CRM Analytics is part of Oracle Business Intelligence applications that provide complete and real time information across the enterprise. It has ready to deploy dashboards designed for rapid deployment. The reports and dashboards are ready for deployment on the mobile devices – this keeps you yourself informed on the move. CRM Analytics has ready solutions for the following modules:

    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Service
    • Contact Center
    • Price
    • Loyality
    • Faster deployment with lower risk
    • Ready to use dashboards
    • Seamless integration
    • Exalytics ready with no application changes
    • Easy integration and supports OLAP data sources
  • SCM Analytics

    Oracle SCM Analytics is part of Oracle Business Intelligence applications that provide complete and real time information across the enterprise. It has ready to deploy dashboards designed for rapid deployment. The reports and dashboards are ready for deployment on the mobile devices – this keeps you yourself informed on the move. SCM Analytics has ready solutions for the following modules:

    • Supply Chain
    • Order Management
    • Logistics
    • Planning and Forecasting
    • Faster deployment with lower risk
    • Ready to use dashboards
    • Seamless integration
    • Exalytics ready with no application changes
    • Easy integration and supports OLAP data sources
  • Industry Analytics

    Oracle Industry Analytics is part of Oracle Business Intelligence applications that provide complete and real time information across the enterprise. It has ready to deploy dashboards designed for rapid deployment. The reports and dashboards are ready for deployment on the mobile devices – this keeps you yourself informed on the move. Industry Analytics has ready solutions for the following industries:

    • Communications
    • Healthcare
    • Retail
    • Public Sector
    • Financial Services
    • Manufacturing
    • Higher Education
    • Faster deployment with lower risk
    • Ready to use dashboards
    • Seamless integration
    • Exalytics ready with no application changes
    • Easy integration and supports OLAP data source

Today’s enterprises are creating a lot of data and they also has to integrate with data available externally. Data is no longer limited to on premise installation but geographically available across continents. The true optimum utilization of data and its intelligent analysis for benefit of the enterprise can be achieved only when all the data sources are integrated and accessed from a single source of truth – Cloud is the only solution that can make it happen. Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud and Internet of things are tools that support a set of disciplines that boost enterprise value. Cloud solutions can provide the computation and storage resources needed, and can help an enterprise improve IT efficiency and flexibility while protecting valuable information.

Providing value for money

  • Faster Oracle EBS deployment lowering implementation cost

  • Concrete and stable design from the start - avoiding rework

  • Deployment of proven and reusable assets

  • Stable Oracle EBS deployment reducing support cost

  • Cost to Budget matching


  • Integrated and Focused Team

  • Solution recommendation and ownership

  • Proven and experience driven reusable solutions

  • Trained, Experienced and Motivated Team

  • Flexible and Unbeatable pricing to meet client budget