VCP – Demantra, Advanced Supply Chain Planning

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ACSE transforms your supply chain managers to sense and shape demand, segment customers for profitability, optimize promotions for growth and profitability, perform fast event-driven scenario analysis, and get a handle on supply chain risks.

  • Advanced Supply Chain Planning

    Improve supply chain performance by deploying a planning engine that runs across your entire supply chain network in a single run. Utilize constrained or un-constrained planning engine as per your needs. Utilize collaborative and comprehensive distributed planning with support for vertical industries.

    • Holistic supply and distribution planning
    • Centralized, decentralized, constrained and un-constrained planning
    • Single planning engine across entire supply chain
    • Peg up to peg down from supply to demand and vice versa
  • Advanced Planning Command Centre

    Advanced Planning Command Center offers key supply chain decision makers a comprehensive solution for multi-dimensional analysis for operational, tactical and strategic supply chain plans. Robust scenario management to quickly access the impact of scenarios and process automation capabilities.

    • Real time access to plan performance
    • Data integration from external sources and mobile integration
    • Jump start planning with prebuilt content, dashboard and reports
  • Rapid planning

    Respond to rapidly changing and dynamic supply chain conditions. Perform what-if scenario using mass edits of source and planning data, without waiting for your ERP data to catch up. Make use of embedded analytics, robust exception management, and a spreadsheet style user interface management with seamless integration to your ERP.

    • Spreadsheet style user interface
    • Quickly respond to changing and dynamic real time events
    • Make better and informed decisions using mass edits and automated decision making tools
    • Compare different plan simulations
  • Oracle Collaborative Planning

    Integrate your planning process and collaborate with your customer, direct and 2nd tier supplier and enterprises with whom you collaborate. Integrating with all your trading partners, reduces the steps and proactively react to supply chain exceptions.

    • Global inventory and fulfillment visibility
    • Reduce inventory and improve responsiveness
    • Include all level of your partners in the planning process
  • Demantra Demand

    Oracle Demantra Demand senses demand real time from multiple sources including POS and syndicated data. Improves forecasting and shapes demand for profitability. The result is lower inventory levels and increased profitability with higher service levels with sales and more satisfied customers. Built on a flexible and multi-dimensional database with enhanced workflow and exception analysis.

    • Improve forecast accuracy based on participative and collaborative consensus planning
    • Flexible configuration with exception management with audit detail
    • Monitor KPI’s to evaluate effectiveness of planning process
  • Demand Signal Repository

    Oracle Demand Signal Repository collects the downstream data at a detailed level and harmonizes them. This help companies in introduction of promotion of products and reduce out of stock on store shelf. The data can be collected from POS, inventory and other retail demand directly from suppliers at SKU level that gives the trend at the lowest level. Improve retailer, manufacturer and supplier relationship by finding common ground for joint value creation.

    • Improve demand insight at SKU level
    • Improve sale by reducing stock out situations
    • Manage large volume retail data and analyze them on real time
    • Integrate clean and harmonized data to other demand planning tools
  • Global Order Promising

    Increase fast accurate and on-time delivery to your existing customers and attract new customers. Global Order Promising enable you to have distributed order promising and multiple level supply chain Available to Promise (ATP), Capable to promise (CTP) and Capable to deliver (CTD). Create a global supply and demand picture from multiple transaction system.

    • Source items from multiple level of fulfilment locations
    • Make accurate current and future supply promises
    • Grow into new markets and add new customers by allocated ATP as per your business strategy
    • Effectively manage backlogs
    • Zero downtime through a database centric architecture
  • Inventory Optimization

    Include all dimensions of supply, demand, lead time, budget, seasonality, obsolesce time period to have the optimum inventory planning. Balance out revenue, cost, customer service level, logistics and inventory budget while determining inventory postponement strategy.

    • Postponement Optimization
    • Reduced inventory increased customer satisfaction
    • High value inventory mix
    • User Interface designed for planners
  • Predictive Trade Planning and Optimization

    Provide robust trade promotion and account planning, sales forecasting and promotion optimization by addressing strategic issues as promotion effectiveness, on-shelf availability, category growth and customer profitability. Maximize promotion ROI by controlling spending and exceeding ales target.

    • Collaboratively manage all accounts planning, sales and funds from a single screen
    • Analyze sales history with advanced data mining technology
    • Use retailer point of sales and syndicated data to measure, predict and optimize promotion
    • Utilize simulation scenarios for marketing strategies
  • Production Scheduling

    Maximize shop floor throughput while optimizing the resources. Calculate scheduling that best meets your needs as per the constraints. Proactively minimize bottleneck delays with root cause analysis. Plan your maintenance cycle around your production schedule with integration to EAM and Oracle Complex Maintenance Repair.

    • Maximize production throughput
    • Include capacity and calendar constraints in production scheduling
    • Optimize shop floor management and reduce manufacturing cost
    • Advanced Analytical Views
  • Strategic Network Optimization

    Design an agile supply chain network with hedging strategies. Evaluate your product mix and sourcing decisions with a network to increase your throughput. Model best possible network including all costs as transportation, operating, sourcing, storage and labor. Simulate different demand scenarios. Plan dynamic sourcing, single node vs multi-node. Reduce asset cost by deciding the right number of asset in the supply chain network.

    • Design an agile value chain
    • Manage supply chain risk
    • Balance needs of customers with a better product mix and increase profit
    • Proactively manage risk in supply chain network
    • Simulate changing business conditions
  • Real Time sales and Operational Planning

    Empower key decision makers with S&OP dashboard, with comprehensive scenario management and alternative business scenarios. Balance demand, supply and address promotion, allocation, cost and customer issues through a real time proactive process. Capture demand and supply data real time at point of consumption.

    • 360 degree holistic view of across performance metrics
    • Analyze and publish best alternative in a dashboard for key decision makers
    • Central repository with tailored worksheet
    • Interactive promotion planning, demand shaping and manage by exception
  • Service Parts Planning

    Transform your after sales service and support operations from a cost center to a key profit center. Manage your service supply chain through a single service planner workbench. Analyze forecast and replenishment decisions, and release execution plans.

    • Single plan for multiple planners to prioritize work around exceptions
    • Blend multiple forecast method with unprecedented accuracy
    • Minimize parts and procurement cost and maximize parts availability and service levels

Oracle Value Chain Planning is a complete planning solution built on a common foundation that leverages pre-built integration with both Oracle and non-Oracle systems. Oracle's Value Chain solution can be deployed in a modular approach to save time and cost, enabling companies to solve their most important problems first.

Providing value for money

  • Faster Oracle EBS deployment lowering implementation cost

  • Concrete and stable design from the start - avoiding rework

  • Deployment of proven and reusable assets

  • Stable Oracle EBS deployment reducing support cost

  • Cost to Budget matching


  • Integrated and Focused Team

  • Solution recommendation and ownership

  • Proven and experience driven reusable solutions

  • Trained, Experienced and Motivated Team

  • Flexible and Unbeatable pricing to meet client budget