Staying Ahead of
ERP Curve

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It's not uncommon for a site where ERP has been implementation to experience stability issues. This could be because of end to end processes not been thought of, leading to transparency, accounting and reconciliation issues. It may be taking more time for users to execute a process in Oracle compared to what they have been doing before outside of Oracle. Further there could be process that were never implemented. Such situation created a daily struggle to keep up with the system demands and keeps the site anchored in a spot, preventing them from moving ahead.

ACSE has the expertise to keep you ahead in the ERP curve where IT budget is not consumed by support but utilized to keep you ahead in the technology curve. We will always be with you to guide you to the next step ahead and make Oracle EBS work for the business, while the business focuses on business and growth.

  • Process Improvements

    The current business processes undergoes a metamorphosis and evolves as the business processes in EBS. There is a lot of learning after the processes are implemented and a realization happens that – it could have been done better. With ACSE the learning is replaced with knowledge and experience and you get the best business processes implemented in the first place itself

    • Right processes from the start
    • Optimum utilization of latest and enhanced features
    • Process steps reduction and simplification
    • Increased transparency, transaction traceability and reconciliations
  • Optimum Oracle EBS automation

    Oracle EBS comes with multiple processes that remains as individual processes that requires user intervention to execute them. ACSE knows how to integrate these processes as per your business needs and automate them for execution at a specified frequency or schedule. These automation provides valuable time to the users and the transactions reaches its logical state across modules without any user intervention. The role of business users changes from transaction execution to exception management only

    • Integration and Automation
    • Standardized logical grouping of processes
    • Seamless automated data flow
    • Faster period closing
    • Real time transaction and balance updates and reporting
  • Transaction transparency and reconciliation

    It's critical that there is complete transaction transparency and audit trail. The transactions should reconcile from the source system to the books. Integrated ERP systems comes with its own transaction flow process that may be different from processes in use. It is critical that every accounting processes are mapped to Oracle EBS and the difference understood. ACSE brings you the expertise for this transformation to gain complete confidence and control in the system.

    • Transaction audit and control
    • Smooth transition to system transaction and accounting design
    • Increased trust and confidence on the system
    • Accurate reporting
  • Reduction in month end closing cycle

    It's almost normal for the first month end cycle close to take more time than usual, but at some sites it becomes an every month struggle. ACSE has the expertise to get you out of this situation, we come with the expertise of merging oracle close process with the site specific closing steps requirements. The processes are sequenced and automated, this coupled with the transaction transparency reduces the closing cycle which can be measured against the existing parameters.

    • Automated period close process
    • System generated reconciliation reports
    • Reduce closing cycle from weeks to days
    • Improvement in month end and management reporting timeline
  • Increased end user buy in

    Top management confidence and end user buy in is critical to declare any project site as successful. ACSE ensures that you get both. Our team works in a consulting and a collaborative approach and we keep interest of every stake holder in mind. We employ our people and change management skills to gain the buy in from all the stakeholder of the project.

    • System transition ownership and acceptance
    • Reduction in man hour cost
  • IT budget for enhancement than Support

    Is your IT budget getting consumed in support? – ACSE believes and helps its clients to utilize the budget not only for maintenance and support but also for future enhancements. This is important to come out of the cycle of stagnation and moves towards the cycle of continuous improvement. ACSE with its experience will create the IT footprint for the same and partner with you on your IT growth story.

    • IT budget for growth
    • Footprint for staying ahead in the technology curve
    • Continuous process improvements
    • Business oriented outlook than traditional IT support
  • Vision for the future

    ACSE will work with you to create a vision for the future IT road map. We stabilize maintain and take you ahead in the technology curve. We will work with you and help you rollout additional enhancements, functionalities and modules as needed by your business. ACSE has the expertise to create a vision for your future based on the IT market trends and your business needs.

    • Future IT trends available to you
    • Staged rollout and implementation as per business needs
    • Implement, automate, consolidate and enhance IT footprint as you go
    • IT growth plan visibility for top management

Providing value for money

  • Faster Oracle EBS deployment lowering implementation cost

  • Concrete and stable design from the start - avoiding rework

  • Deployment of proven and reusable assets

  • Stable Oracle EBS deployment reducing support cost

  • Cost to Budget matching


  • Integrated and Focused Team

  • Solution recommendation and ownership

  • Proven and experience driven reusable solutions

  • Trained, Experienced and Motivated Team

  • Flexible and Unbeatable pricing to meet client budget