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ACSE delivers a comprehensive, integrated Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management suite of applications featuring common Web and MS Office interfaces, reporting tools, mobile information delivery, and administration. With Hyperion EPM solutions – ACSE show customers how to plan for growth, report with confidence, and accelerate business value.

  • Hyperion Essbase

    Market leading OLAP server for EPM applications. Designed for business users and supports forecasting, variance analysis, root cause analysis, what-if modelling and custom package applications. Flexible integration with multiple data sources and reporting through a wide variety of options. Multi-dimensional and hierarchical reporting of data. Multiple reporting options that includes OBIEE, Microsoft Office and advanced data virtualization tools.

    • Open, scalable and secure solution
    • Analysis of terabyte of data by thousands of simultaneous users
    • Supports middleware security components
    • Open architecture leveraging legacy systems by lowering cost of development
    • Supports highly dimensional models
  • Hyperion Planning (On Premise and Cloud Based)

    Deploy Hyperion planning to support enterprise wise planning, budgeting and forecasting using desktop, mobile apps and Microsoft tools. Integrate sales and operational forecasting to develop reliable forecast. Benefit from on-site or cloud based solution. Instant assessment of key plan drivers and assumptions on plans, with concurrent access and planning. Scalable architecture supporting small deployment before extending it to thousands of users.

    • Seamless integration between finance, sales and operations, planning and management reporting with web interface
    • Built in time intelligence and allocation logic with a powerful calculation engine
    • Reduce budgeting and planning cycle to weeks from months
    • Predictive analysis based on historical and seasonal data
    • Track and communicate through e-mail alerts, notifications and dashboards
    • Integrate with ERP, legacy, data warehouse and other applications
  • Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting

    Reduce implementation cost and time by utilizing the pre-built planning and budgeting solution. Leverage pre-packaged position and employee planning models, allocate budgets to positions and allocate to general ledger accounts. Utilize workflow, email and offline budgeting integration for preparing a collaborative budget. Get on the fly analysis and reporting and integration with ERP packages.

    • Pre-packaged planning and budgeting solution
    • Incremental funding through decision package
    • Organize funds by key objectives, projects and programs
    • Optimize workflow plans
    • Prepare quality reports and budget books
    • Easy to use web interface
  • Hyperion Enterprise

    Proven packaged solution that automates and streamlines departmental data collection, consolidation and reporting. It can be deployed in a global environment and reduces the financial close cycle. Can be easily deployed and installed in a distributed organizational setup, and organizations benefit for integrated and quality data for reporting and quality of information for better decision making.

    • Simplify cross currency conversions, allocations, adjustments and elimination
    • Eliminate manual errors by automating the data collection and reporting
    • Automate complex data collection and consolidations
    • Reduce closing cycle
    • Flexible deployment – centralized and distributed
  • Hyperion Financial Management

    Advanced web enabled technology for consolidation and reporting. Integrates with multiple financial systems to provide single source of truth meeting all regulatory compliance. Analyze financials across unlimited user defined dimension that can include, company, product, brand customer etc.

    • Reduced consolidation, reporting and close cycle with increased compliance level
    • Combine financial and non-financial results for greater insight into performance metrics.
    • Intercompany and what-if scenario management
    • Web based architecture for anytime, anywhere mobile access
  • Essbase Analytics Link for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management

    Merge multiple operational data into a single data model and provide detailed information for analytical analysis and measurement. Deliver and effective management and financial reporting to a broad base of user community. Create a comprehensive management reporting environment by merging financial and operational information into a single platform.

    • Consolidate and merge data from different information sources into a normalized single reporting structure
    • Seamless integration between Hyperion Financial management and essbase, creating a single reporting solution
    • Eliminate data latency and posh data changes to Oracle Essbase in seconds. Run large extracts without adding workload on Oracle HFM consolidation servers
    • Push Oracle HFM data into a standard relational database for traditional query and reporting tools
  • Hyperion Financial Close Management

    Centralized web based tool to co-ordinate extended close cycle across subledger and financial applications. Schedule closing task on the web interface and assign responsibilities, identify bottlenecks in the close cycle to improve on the next month closing cycle.

    • Centralized web based process improving visibility and control
    • Cater to financial close process needs of all stakeholders
    • Close Manager- easy task scheduling for prioritizing the closing task and web based dashboard to monitor the closing task and calendar
    • Reconciliation Manager – Perform sub-ledger to GL reconciliation, summarize data and perform auto reconciliations
    • Supplemental Data Manager – Management and subsequent preparation of financial supplemental schedules. Flexible data models to collect information from stakeholders, preparation of financial footnotes for SEC filings
  • Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM)

    Develop standardized data management and validation process, perform source to report validation of data. Reduce audit cost and complexity of data quality. End to end automation of collection, mapping, validation and movement of critical financial data.

    • Eliminate data integrity risk and increase confidence on the numbers
    • Reduce compliance cost by identifying errors and notify stakeholders, trace data to the original source for validation.
    • Simplify data collection and transformation using adaptors to connect to multiple sources
    • Web based user interface for business to load, review and verify data thereby increasing the performance of the finance staff
  • Hyperion Data Relationship Management (MDM / DRM)

    Manage changes across master data across operational, analytical and enterprise performance management silos. Confirm that the business changes are as per organizational standards. Keep data consistent and up to date across business operations, BI and enterprise management.

    • Maintain data integrity with reference to a master record, confirm that alternate department views confirms to the master record
    • Manage automated attribute changes across hierarchies and instances
    • Drag and drop hierarchy management, side by side comparison of data across functional perspective
    • Import, blend and export capabilities. What-if modelling with audit compliance.
  • Hyperion Data Integration Management (DIM)

    Oracle Hyperion Data Integration Management software is a proven data integration platform that enables companies to access, integrate, transform, and move virtually any type of data between Hyperion System and virtually any system, in virtually any frequency, and in virtually any format

    • Eliminating data fragmentation across the enterprise and optimizing Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence deployments.
    • Scalable metadata-driven architecture, supports the most complex data integration processes, helping you keep up with ever-growing data volumes and shorter load windows.
    • Derive maximum value from your corporate data by deploying comprehensive data integration processes.
    • Leverage Oracle Hyperion Data Integration Management BPM Adapters, ERP / CRM Adapters, and packaged mapping templates.
  • Data Integrator (ODI)

    ODI delivers a high performance data movement and transformation across enterprise platforms. It is open ended ELT architecture and has extended support for Big Data. Use ODI to leverage data management on premise or in the cloud. Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition is open and standards-based to work with 3rd party applications as well as Oracle’s applications.

    • Seamlessly switch mappings between big data technologies. Unified administration and management.
    • Address multiple enterprise data integration needs for
      • Data Warehousing and BI
      • Big Data, MDM
      • SOA and Migration
    • Declarative flow-based user interface for enhanced user experience and productivity shortening implementation time
    • Knowledge module providing flexibility and extensibility
  • Hyperion Disclosure Management

    The first application of its kind – a full featured XBRL solution leveraging best in class Oracle reporting technologies including Oracle Financial Hyperion Reporting and Oracle Hyperion smart view.

    • Adopted by regulators so it makes it easier for regulatory bodies, analyst and investors to analyze the financial information
    • You can hot link document and XBRL filings directly to oracle financial reporting applications to ensure completeness, accuracy, easy updates and roll forwards.
    • Accepted by various regulatory authorities and reporting standards
  • Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management

    Performance management application that provides insight to cost and profitability. Improves organizational profitability by discovering the drivers for cost and profitability.

    • Identify the value added by each activity
    • Flexible allocation platform, traceability maps for graphical depiction of allocations
    • Business rule to derive application design and rapid iterations.
    • Profitability and cost genealogy analysis
  • Hyperion Strategic Finance

    Rich Financial forecasting and modelling solution with on-the fly scenario analysis and modelling capability. It provides solutions to set targets, perform quick financial impact analysis and focused financial information for informed decision making.Create professional quality reports and graphs.

    • Provides sensitivity and what-if-analysis capabilities
    • Create financial models to analyze impact of bottom lines, balance sheet etc.
    • Utilize pre-built tools perform multiple long term simulations, develop contingency plans and alternative strategies
    • Perform what-if analysis and use smart view tools to view, import, manipulate, distribute and share data in Microsoft Excel.
    • Use funding options to optimize capital structure and treasury strategies thereby reducing the finance cost
    • Use debt scheduler to create debt (fixed or variable rate) and update the financial statements
    • Perform merger, acquisitions or divestures and consolidations

Deploy the market-leading performance management applications providing an effective solution by integrating strategy, planning, and execution into a seamless process. Oracle's performance management applications are a modular suite of integrated applications that integrate with both Oracle and non-Oracle transactional systems. They can be deployed independently and deliver a high degree of value, but they work better together to, integrate strategic, financial, and operational management processes while delivering a low cost of deployment and ownership.

Providing value for money

  • Faster Oracle EBS deployment lowering implementation cost

  • Concrete and stable design from the start - avoiding rework

  • Deployment of proven and reusable assets

  • Stable Oracle EBS deployment reducing support cost

  • Cost to Budget matching


  • Integrated and Focused Team

  • Solution recommendation and ownership

  • Proven and experience driven reusable solutions

  • Trained, Experienced and Motivated Team

  • Flexible and Unbeatable pricing to meet client budget